Lavish Living: Dear Sweet Portugal, Cash or Credit

Obviously we won’t solely tease you with lavish residences that aren’t for sale, nor of which the prize is unknown. For this Lavish Living we find ourselves searching every piggy bank and off-shore account to put together that €850,000 and own this mesmerizing residence located in the suburbs of Faro, Portugal. Welcome to sun, seafood, unbelievable wines and that amazing garden with a terrace and pool that will keep you refreshed for the coming summer. 

But it’s not only the country and the pool that has us convinced of this residence’s excellence. The beautiful cream-white furniture, which sometimes finds contrast with the cool anthracite-grey tones, and white walls create the feeling of openness and lightness, in itself a subtle contrast with the warm city of Faro.

The residence is built and decorated by architectural bureau Groupo Dunaplana, who are known for their strong lines and geometrical shapes when it comes to interior and architecture, playing a roll in the hard and colder, yet refined and elegant feeling of the homes they create. The white overtone might not be their signature look, as most of their work has warm woody tones, but by barely adding any dynamic curves the house doesn’t feel suitable for children.

Remarkable are the bedroom overlooking the terrace and pool, as well as the humongous cactus growing in the middle garden area that the house is built around. Other features are for your eyes to discover down below in the photo gallery: