Lavish Living: This Is Us, 30 Years From Now

There is nothing as wondrous as the vast magical garden in the middle of Manhattan, especially if seen from your two floor duplex, sitting in your living room with a glass of Macallan in your hand. It’s one of those moments that only few dare to dream of, and even fewer actually get to experience. Yet, we foolishly still dream to one day set foot in this apartment, sit on that couch, pour ourselves a glass of whisky and get kicked out by the actual owner.

Because let’s face it: will we ever have $26.5 million to spend? But then again it’s probably worth it. Five bedrooms all with connecting bathrooms, a walk-in closet and an incredibly tasteful interior. The living room has a glass dining table in front of the long wine cabinet, where I can already imagine eating apple beignets on New Years Eve looking out of the window at the fireworks or how the families are ice skating in Central Park while drinking a glass of the best wine available.

But let’s not forget the beautiful gunmetal staircase leading up to the second floor, complete with three beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms that overlook the rest of New York. Everywhere you go there’s a window to look out of, so make sure you’re not scared of heights!

Below more imagery of the beautiful apartment: