The Real Scoop on the Tiny Fluff That Comes Out of Down Comforters

Comforters are known for keeping you warm while you are sleeping but did you know that warmness might disappear when you are not paying attention your comforters then when things go out of control, sending it at the time is of no use. Pay some attention to your comforters while you have a chance to give the treatment it requires to keep going on the right route.

Leaking comforters can lose its warmth and smoothness, and it can be the end of your comforters if you don’t pay attention to it. There are few steps you can take and improve the quality of measure you have to by ensuring their maintenance about time then you can also expect to increase the extend the expiry time of the comforters. Research has proved that 87% people get sound sleep with best down comforter.

What is the Real Scoop on the Tiny Fluff That Comes Out of Down Comforters?

Measures You have To Take

  1. When you sit on the comforter for a longer period, then it will cause thebare comforter to break apart. Once it starts to break apart, so by using a protector the fillings will not only stay combined but also protected from leakage.
  2. Make sure to add a shield to the down comforters. By doing that, you are not only saving few bucks on the comforters but also from Stains, Water, Dust and other things. Using a protector extends the expiry date of the comforter.
  3. Not everybody owns a large or oversized laundry/washing machine, and then you can head to the local Oversized washing machine to wash your comforters. The front-loaders have the capacity to clean the fabrics in a gentle way, while the commercial can destroy the materials.
  4. Always choose the washing machine, which has the option of “gentle washing or delicate wash” or else you might have to get a replacement. Always open the front loader to take it back and stuff it inside again.
  5. Almost every product comes with its packing, and you can use them to store it because it will not only protect your down comforter but also keep it in the idle state. Most of the covers are made so that the product can breathe and remain in the new state.
  6. Most of the brands recommend users to wash it once in every five years, but that is not the truth. Make sure to add a date on when was the last you have washed it. You can check that and clean it once in a year.
  7. Always keep the comforters in the dry and room temperature.
  8. Some brands are offering warranties for years. Some of them even replace if the comforters do damage within the promised time, so take advantage of the guarantees.


Comforters are indeed useful, and you need to take care of few things. It might sound like a lengthy process then you can give it to dry cleaners. Dry cleaners usually charge your around $60 for cleaning it. What do you think of the suggestions we have for you, leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.…

Carbon Fiber & Lava: The Peugeot Onyx Sofa

What happens when car manufacturers switch lanes and head in an unexpected direction? A car crash, or perhaps one of the most beautiful and unexpected stunts? When Bang & Olufson created their Beolab 15 & 16, they borrowed techniques used in cars to create a speaker that’s compact and stable, but with incredible sound and power. It’s with that same ingenuity that Peugeot created this sofa from carbon fiber and lava. 

The $186K sofa is the first project of their new ‘Made to Measure’ line, which gives me the idea that we can expect to see small projects appear on the web once in a while whenever a rich entrepreneur is bored with his current interior. And why not? The beauty of using carbon fiber and lava is that it’s resistant to extreme cold and chemicals, it’s durable and the best of all: there is no couch alike.

The sofa was designed by Pierre Gimbergue, the senior designer at the Peugeot design lab, and took 70 days to make. Especially if you realize that the rock part was cut out of an 11.000 year old rock formation of lava from the Volvic vulcano, 70 days is incredibly fast. Watch the project down below, enjoy the craftsmanship and be amazed at what can happen when a company step outside their field to think outside the box.

Lavish Living: This Is Us, 30 Years From Now

There is nothing as wondrous as the vast magical garden in the middle of Manhattan, especially if seen from your two floor duplex, sitting in your living room with a glass of Macallan in your hand. It’s one of those moments that only few dare to dream of, and even fewer actually get to experience. Yet, we foolishly still dream to one day set foot in this apartment, sit on that couch, pour ourselves a glass of whisky and get kicked out by the actual owner.

Because let’s face it: will we ever have $26.5 million to spend? But then again it’s probably worth it. Five bedrooms all with connecting bathrooms, a walk-in closet and an incredibly tasteful interior. The living room has a glass dining table in front of the long wine cabinet, where I can already imagine eating apple beignets on New Years Eve looking out of the window at the fireworks or how the families are ice skating in Central Park while drinking a glass of the best wine available.

But let’s not forget the beautiful gunmetal staircase leading up to the second floor, complete with three beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms that overlook the rest of New York. Everywhere you go there’s a window to look out of, so make sure you’re not scared of heights!

Below more imagery of the beautiful apartment:


Lavish Living: The House by the Black Sea Coast

Look through the eerie, dim lit interior and imagine this house on the forefront of a sunset; the pink and yellow color gradient filling the sky and coloring the concrete canvas to a warm and romantic setting that would almost seem Parisian if it wasn’t for the very Japanese traditional influences that have the main overtone. It is hauntingly beautiful, cast in artificial lighting. 
And that is the main reason why this house has been shot in this cloudy predicament that does not lean far from a horror movie. There is still beauty though, despite the photography and the unfortunate timing. First thing that grabs your attention is the beautiful transparent ceiling in the garage that connects to the main hall and the reading room. The idea is amazing, full transparency, being able to enjoy your cars collecting dust as you swipe that same dust from the books that you just opened.  
Underneath that layer of transparency lies something even better. Remember how Nigo, the designer and creator of A Bathing Ape, had a windowed garage showing off his Mercedes in the middle of his home? It’s pure bragging, a perfect way of showing off your new Aston Martin perhaps?
Next to all that stunting on every guest you’ll have, there is the lower leveled lounge area that has three incredible views: the television, the fireplace and the lake outside of the house. And if that is not enough to let your imagination wonder, there is an in-house garden right behind the dinner table and a swimming pool next to the reading room we were just talking about. However, for those still not convinced, look at the amazing imagery below and tell us what you think of this incredible interior design by Igor Sirotov.

Lavish Living: Dear Sweet Portugal, Cash or Credit

Obviously we won’t solely tease you with lavish residences that aren’t for sale, nor of which the prize is unknown. For this Lavish Living we find ourselves searching every piggy bank and off-shore account to put together that €850,000 and own this mesmerizing residence located in the suburbs of Faro, Portugal. Welcome to sun, seafood, unbelievable wines and that amazing garden with a terrace and pool that will keep you refreshed for the coming summer. 

But it’s not only the country and the pool that has us convinced of this residence’s excellence. The beautiful cream-white furniture, which sometimes finds contrast with the cool anthracite-grey tones, and white walls create the feeling of openness and lightness, in itself a subtle contrast with the warm city of Faro.

The residence is built and decorated by architectural bureau Groupo Dunaplana, who are known for their strong lines and geometrical shapes when it comes to interior and architecture, playing a roll in the hard and colder, yet refined and elegant feeling of the homes they create. The white overtone might not be their signature look, as most of their work has warm woody tones, but by barely adding any dynamic curves the house doesn’t feel suitable for children.

Remarkable are the bedroom overlooking the terrace and pool, as well as the humongous cactus growing in the middle garden area that the house is built around. Other features are for your eyes to discover down below in the photo gallery:

Buttermilk Berry Muffins

They leave your kitchen smelling like sweet summer, even if the raindrops are ticking against your window. You might think that is on the verge of coming out, but it’s not: being able to cook and bake as a man is a great pro. So get your banana’s, your berries and that vanilla and put that oven on 205 C, because tonight the only thing getting baked is these tasteful treats.

So to start, really, put on that oven. It needs to be searing hot and ready after you created the batter. After that you need the following ingredients:

160 g whole wheat pastry flour
295 g unbleached all-purpose flour
100 g firmly packed brown sugar
3/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons baking powder
5 1/2 oz mashed, ripe banana
240 ml buttermilk
3 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
115 g unsalted butter, barely melted
125 g berries, plus more for topping
rose pettals
cinnamon sugar
The Batter:
Get a large bowl and combine the flours, sugar, salt, baking soda, and baking powder. You could do without the baking soda, as it isn’t available in a lot of countries. In another bowl, combine the ripe banana, buttermilk, the eggs, vanilla, and butter. Stir the combination until everything stirs down to a smooth blend.
Gently stir the berries into the dry ingredients and make sure that you don’t crush them as you spread them through the mix. If they burst, they’s shrink in the oven and you won’t notice their presence. Pour the wet ingredients over dry and mix to one thick batter. For tender muffins, do your best to avoid over-blending.
The Topping:
To make them extra-special, we decided to top them with a combination of berry and rose, a part of what inspired the rose & spice sugar-dusted tops. The rose heightens the floral aspect and gives it that extra layer of detail, shaping a flavor that makes it that much better. Never tell your girlfriend about it, just say it’s a special and very secret ingredient: sometimes ignorance is a bliss.
Line a muffin tin with oven paper. I used baking cups here, with those you can skip the tin and it’s easier, because let’s face the fact that your kitchen isn’t that prepared for you cooking. You might need to get that manual out of the oven before pre-heating it by the way. Fill the muffin tins 2/3 full (maybe a bit more than that), sprinkle the lot with more berries and a generous dusting of cinnamon rose sugar.
All you have to do now is put the mixture down below in the oven and bake for about  25-40 minutes (larger muffins on the long side), or until golden-topped. A good test to see if they are done is to use a toothpick. Stick it in when they look ready, if it comes out clean they’re done. If by any chance the muffins are getting to dark, top them with tin foil to avoid your muffins getting burned.