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Lavish Living: The House by the Black Sea Coast

Lavish Living: The House by the Black Sea Coast Posted on November 11, 2013Leave a comment

Look through the eerie, dim lit interior and imagine this house on the forefront of a sunset; the pink and yellow color gradient filling the sky and coloring the concrete canvas to a warm and romantic setting that would almost seem Parisian if it wasn’t for the very Japanese traditional influences that have the main overtone. It is hauntingly beautiful, cast in artificial lighting. 
And that is the main reason why this house has been shot in this cloudy predicament that does not lean far from a horror movie. There is still beauty though, despite the photography and the unfortunate timing. First thing that grabs your attention is the beautiful transparent ceiling in the garage that connects to the main hall and the reading room. The idea is amazing, full transparency, being able to enjoy your cars collecting dust as you swipe that same dust from the books that you just opened.  
Underneath that layer of transparency lies something even better. Remember how Nigo, the designer and creator of A Bathing Ape, had a windowed garage showing off his Mercedes in the middle of his home? It’s pure bragging, a perfect way of showing off your new Aston Martin perhaps?
Next to all that stunting on every guest you’ll have, there is the lower leveled lounge area that has three incredible views: the television, the fireplace and the lake outside of the house. And if that is not enough to let your imagination wonder, there is an in-house garden right behind the dinner table and a swimming pool next to the reading room we were just talking about. However, for those still not convinced, look at the amazing imagery below and tell us what you think of this incredible interior design by Igor Sirotov.

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